Why the time has come to create a new world exhibition? 

There are lovely stories that humans can tell about themselves. We understand each other, seek happiness, and find ourselves happy in the experiences of everyday life. We are different and fascinated by others who are different. We have ideas and many times the courage to make them come true.

Yet other stories suggest that we are facing new trials, given that social cohesion and mutual understanding are declining. Meeting-Sharing-Learning is a response to these developments, aiming at providing space for participation.

We do not claim authority in deciding what the central themes and problems are. We do not school people on what is true and what is false. Nor are we a vice squad.

What do we do?

We create a themed world by providing an example of how we can translate the present age into common fields of themes and problems.

We contribute to communicating knowledge by making scientific insights available to a broader public both in a comprehensible and gripping way.

We promote respectful behavior where people strive for common themes and problems.

These three goals must not be understood as being separate. Instead, they belong together and constitute the idea of a culture of public discourse. Such a culture stands for a kind of participation – she is the practice of civic participation in both creating the exhibition and contributing to the discussion events. 

Which brings us to an answer to our question: The time has come to create a new world exhibition, since we need to figure out through which themes and problems we can connect and how we can find them, guided by an awareness of facts and a sense for other people.

Why do we speak of a world exhibition?

Our themed world transforms into an exhibition that we venture to call a world exhibition.