Some like soccer, others are interested in mathematical problems, still others investigate chafers, and again others are interested in the arts. And there is no problem with that. For who wants to live in a world in which we all have the same interests and have no reason to fret about other people’s preferences?

However, private interests should be accompanied by iour nterest in public affairs. The society is in a good shape only if we manage to agree on what is of public importance. 

Being courageous to some degree, we translate the present age into ten fields of themes of a themed world:

We distinguish between fields of themes, on the one hand, and themes and problems, on the other, because the fields of themes are (just) the starting point of Meeting-Sharing-Learning. The fields of themes are the basis for creating the exhibition and the basis for the discussion events. 

Meeting-Sharing-Learning focusses on three fields of themes: Life in the Digital Age, Planet and Nature, Home and Globalization

To read a short description of the fields of themes, just click on one of the above links or here:

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