There are lovely stories that humans can tell about themselves. We can live peacefully together when we do not love each other. We seek happiness in quite different ways. We have ideas and many times the courage to make them come true.

Yet other stories suggest that the world we live in is a world of challenges. We are faced with climate change, pollution, epidemics, unemployment, migration, terrorism, resource scarcity, wars and nationalism, to address only some challenges.

We need to act. However, we also need to understand that acting starts with discussing how we should deal with the challenges of our time. Social acting can have the form of social discourse. And what we need for this is a kind of practical understanding of the world, on the one hand, and projects that connect us, on the other.


World is not only totality, i.e. everything that exists and takes place. For the world we live in is often simply what we find in it. And once our world is a world of challenges, we can bring order to it in terms of creating a themed world.

The themed world presented by us is a world of ten fields of themes (just click):

Life in the Digital Age
Planet and Nature
Home and Globalization
Health and the Good Life
Science and Religion
Time and Life
Society and Politics
Togetherness and Aloneness
Education and Career
Identity and Responsibility

These fields of themes are quite general in nature. However, there is a good reason for this. For the themed word is supposed to create an order which provides us with both orientation and foundations on which we can discuss the question of how we should deal with the challenges of our time.


Our projects are projects by which participants leave behind the general character of the field of themes, reaching out to a concrete understanding of problems and developing readiness to act. The format we intend to implement is a kind of exhibition that has the form of a societal project, given that the exhibition is a micro-cosmos in which people come together in order to deal with the challenges of our time.

We venture to call such an endeavor a world exhibition, since it is the themed world by which we organize the exhibition.

There are two projects that we pursue. The first one prepares the world exhibition and is called All across Germany. Its purpose is to invite citizens to participate in dealing with the question of what such an exhibition should be like. Doing so, citizens get involved in dealing with what needs our attention as a society and a world community and what it means to understand the details of contemporary problems.

Once this project is completed and took place all across the country, we hope to be able to implement the world exhibition itself, an exhibition called Meeting-Sharing-Learning.  

We not only have ideas. We also have the courage to make them come true.