The world is not a bad place but everything that concerns us. And isn’t life beautiful even when we deal with the themes, problems, and challenges of our time?

Once the world becomes a themed world, it can be the subject of an exhibition. However, there is more to it than that.

We do not show up with an existing exhibition. Instead, we organize a gedankenexperiment. As long as there is no world exhibition, we can deal with it in our minds. And dealing with it in such a fashion means to deal with the fields of a themed world. The role we need to play in this regard is a role that we all can play – a role that makes us discuss the minor and major questions of our time, presupposing that we work on creating an exhibition in a joint effort.

The spaces in which we deal with themes, problems, and challenges, are spaces for a public that we ourselves are. Participating in our events, though, is not about being skeptical against the sciences and politics, but about participating in discourses that are public in nature and require civic attitudes and passion.

We offer four different kinds of events, given that we need to deal with the themes, problems, and challenges of our time in various ways. It is our goal, of course, to make participation a participation of people who come from different corners of life. We are therefore active in schools and in cultural, commercial, and political places or simply in a barn or on the market place.

The themed world presented by us is a world of ten fields of themes (just click):

Life in the Digital Age
Planet and Nature
Home and Globalization
Health and the Good Life
Science and Religion
Time and Life
Society and Politics
Togetherness and Aloneness
Education and Career
Identity and Responsibility

While the themed world comprises ten themed fields, each of these fields is subdivided into zones and focal points. We thus do not suffer from being abstract, for we make things concrete by making one focal point the subject of one event respectively.

From a general point of view, though, we make a themed world the subject of an imagined exhibition and thus venture to call such an endeavor a world exhibition.