Why should we wait for people to come to us? Meeting-Sharing-Learning is a roadshow. We will be travelling the country and focusing on regions beyond the metropolitan areas.

We do not fly in and explain things. Furthermore, participation already starts prior to the events, since we set the thematic focus together with people from the regions.

Where do the events take place? Many things are possible: in the big barn of an old farm, in an abandoned industrial building, in a country hotel, in the market place, in the main auditorium of a school, in a town hall, in a factory hall of a local company, on the deck of a ship or in the rooms of a memorial center. We love to use our imaginations almost without limits. The world exhibition is open to be set up inside as well as outside. Regarding the world dialog we ask regions to provide us sheltered places when they cannot guarantee strictly sunny hours.

We want even those who cannot participate in the events to experience our roadshow. Therefore, we will be present on social media with pictures and movies! Meeting-Sharing-Learning gets its subject matter through our various experiences on the spot that we will be transforming into virtual journeys presented on YouTube, Instragram, and Facebook. The events themselves are important for all of this. Yet at the same time, we wish to tell stories about the encounters that take place in local surroundings and that bring us together with the people and their stories. We do not produce conventional movies on events, since we will be showcasing the adventures of a roadshow.

Would a short story on Meeting-Sharing-Learning in action help to understand this project better? We thought the same and have prepared an explanatory cartoon: