A world exhibition as we imagine it, is a project for the future. Whoever participates in a gedankenexperiment today, might be finding oneself in a real exhibition tomorrow.

Our world exhibition is a festival of ideas and prospects. Moreover, it is a stage for what we cannot dispute or must refute in case we doubt something. Generally speaking, it’s about spaces of knowledge, the idea of public sphere, and the ambition to make our project a roadshow.

Spaces of Knowledge

We cooperate with excellent project partners in the sciences in order to have a solid ground on which we can implement the ambitious idea of transferring knowledge. The products of this cooperation, however, are not holy places of knowledge where people humbly kneel down. Instead, we present the state of the art within the sciences that cannot be ignored in a discourse on the challenges of our time. Besides this, we intend to inform people on the issue of what science and knowledge themselves are. What is science? And what does it mean to say that we know something? There is a kind of competence that implies a reflected appreciation of the sciences and an understanding of what knowledge in the everyday life is. In these days, such a competence is more important than ever. Conspiracy theories are a real danger to democracy and democratic societies. However, they can be repudiated once we agree on the premises under which we hold something to be true or false.

The Public Sphere in terms of social discourse

At places where the world exhibition takes place, public spaces will open in which a critical public arises. For visiting the exhibition allows for participating in discussion events that are related to one of the fields of themes. The sciences give us advice when it comes to making decisions on what is best to do in complex situations; also, they let us understand things better. However, they cannot answer questions which have to do with our conceptions of a good and social life, justice, and morality. In order to deal with such things reasonably we need to be engaged in a social discourse.

On the Road

Meeting-Sharing-Learning is a roadshow. We will be travelling the country and focusing on regions beyond the metropolitan areas. Where do the events take place? Many things are possible: in the big barn of an old farm, in an abandoned industrial building, in a country hotel, in the market place, in the main auditorium of a school, in a town hall, in a factory hall of a local company, on the deck of a ship or in the rooms of a memorial center. However, we want even those who cannot participate in the events to experience our roadshow. Therefore, we will be present on social media with pictures and movies. Meeting-Sharing-Learning gets its subject matter through our various experiences on the spot that we will be transforming into virtual journeys presented on YouTube, Instragram, and Facebook. The events themselves are important for all of this. Yet at the same time, we wish to tell stories about the encounters that take place in local surroundings and that bring us together with the people and their stories. We do not produce conventional movies on events, since we will be showcasing the adventures of a roadshow.

 pictures©Claus Langbehn, 2021