We travel the country in order to discuss the challenges of our time, and we will do so out there in the regions together with the local people. Why? Our world exhibition is a societal project that we wish to develop in cooperation with others. For there are questions that can be dealt with by many of us. What is such an exhibition supposed to present? What are the relevant topics? And how are we to deal with them with regard to details? Furthermore, there is the question of what kind of posture, namely attitude is required for participating in the project.

Participation and Responsibility

Being on the road, we open spaces for participating in creating our world exhibition. All across Germany provides opportunities for social discourses on how we should face the challenges of our time. We make the world exhibition a joint project. However, such a project requires participants to be critical of their own interests and convictions while being open to other people’s interests and arguments. The world exhibition is not grounded in private opinions as we tend to publish them without regulation in the digital world. Once we participate in developing content for the transfer of knowledge, we have a great deal of responsibility, since we need to be aware of what it means to employ terms like knowledge and truth in the public.

Three fields of themes

We cannot make all ten fields of themes the subject of events. Indeed, we need to restrict ourselves by choosing the following three fields: Life in the Digital Age, Planet and Nature, Home and Globalization. Of course, the denkwerkstatt grenzenlos will not appear unprepared in the regions, since we will be able to make our own contributions to at least structuring these fields. Our guiding idea is that each field of theme can be divided into areas, each of them having focal points. However, only one focal point can be the subject of one event respectively: All across Germany is about the above mentioned three fields of themes and yet will be about only one focal point once this project becomes real somewhere out there.

Our way of planning and organizing events

We aim to implement at least one event in each federate state of Germany. The selection of focal points depends on who, i.e. which communities, administrative districts, and cities find interest in All across Germany and what kind of subject they would be happy to deal with. We thus plan the events together with people from the regions, offering participation in early stages of the endeavor. In such a process, we also consider if there are non-profits, companies, and foundations in the region that could become local partners, and how the hosting region could contribute to finance the event. Once these issues are settled, All across Germany takes place over the course of two days. We will not disappear as quickly as we came. Instead, we take our time and implement the event in terms of four single, yet interrelated events. How these events look like, is a question that we would love to discuss with those who consider to host All across Germany in their region.