The denkwerkstatt grenzenlos is on the road all across the country, open to be present in other countries and thus not bound to one location only. Currently, we focus on three themed fields: Life in the Digital Age, Planet and Nature, Home and Globalization.

Each of these fields is subdivided into zones and focal points in order to make one focal point the subject of discussion in one event respectively. What such a focal point is about, will be predefined together with those whom we plan to visit.

A gedankenexperiment cannot be successful without participating in it responsibly. Public discourse requires the willingness to be critical against one’s own interests and convictions, being open to the arguments of others. Participating in dealing with the themes, problems, and challenges of our time and thus in creating an imagined exhibition means to acknowledge scientific approaches and the idea that we can go beyond the sciences only where their instruments cannot be applied. The goals that we as a society or a world community pursue or how we want to live, for example, cannot be determined by scientific investigations. Instead, such things need to be subject of public discourse.

We offer four different types of events: 

Journey into the themed world

We start this type of event with an illustrated journey into the themed world in order to discover the context within which the focal point is to be discussed. Once we have arrived at the place where this focal point is located, participants elaborate its content, accompanied by digital and physical means of making such content visible. Duration: 2 hours. 150 persons at the maximum.

Don’t beat around the bush! 

In the case of this type of event, speakers are invited to either deal with a focal point in a talk or to participate in a panel with three to five participants. This takes place before an audience that contributes by asking questions and presenting comments. Duration: 90 minutes.


We deem it important to make the young generation participating in dealing with the themes, problems, and challenges of our time. It is for this very reason that we work together with schools where pupils are given the chance to reflect on what it means to be responsible for creating an exhibition, on the one hand, and to work on a focal point, on the other. Duration: 90 minutes (this type of event can be implemented over the course of one day or even one week).

Discovering your region

You want to show us special places in your region? There are registered societies or civic initiatives that are interested in talking to us? We are grateful for having the opportunity to get to know your region better by meeting people from all sorts of directions. Duration: 3 hours at the maximum.

These four types of events can be implemented each on its own, combined or all together over the course of two days.