Head of Project / Creative Director

Claus Langbehn

Claus has a PhD in philosophy (plus Habilitation – look it up!). He is an author and editor of books in practical philosophy and the history of modern philosophy. In the past, he held several visiting professorships and was granted stipends for doing research in Brazil, China, and the United States of America where he lived in Princeton and Chicago. Claus is founder of the denkwerkstatt grenzenlos. He is experienced both in theoretical and practical fields and thus prepared to go unconventional ways in conceptualizing and implementing socially relevant projects. 


Photography / Film / Moderation

Uli Kunz

Uli is a nature photographer, moderator, and a new face at Terra X, one of the most successful documentary series in German TV (ZDF). He has studied marine biology and participates in adventurous research expeditions which lead him to places all around the world. His underwater pictures are published in magazines and books. Uli sparks his audience in live-shows in which he presents spectacular pictures and movies entertaining visitors with thrilling stories. 


Organization / Networking

Donata Schoeller

Donata has a PhD in philosophy (plus Habilitation – look it up!). She is a Fellow at the Max-Weber-Kolleg in Erfurt, Germany, and a Visiting Professor in Iceland. In her work, Donata focusses on language and the question of how we can improve the ways in which we converse and have dialogs. Moreover, she is engaged in contributing to international organisations, for example as a member of the Board of the WHO conference “Health and Meaningful Life.” In her early years, she was a filmmaker. 


Young Voice / Social Media

Bernadette Reisch

Bernadette has finished school only last year and yet made many experiences in various fields. She did voluntary work in theaters in Munich and Berlin, participated successfully in classes at a film school, taught German to refugees, did fund raising for the Art International Zurich, Switzerland, and taught English in Tanzania. Bernadette grew up in different countries. Recently, she began her studies in Law in Zurich, where she also contemplates on the social media component of Meeting-Sharing-Learning.

Art Director / Moderation

Asmus Trautsch

Asmus has a PhD in philosophy, working as an author, lecturer, poet and creative artist. He organizes conferences, public readings, concerts, cultural projects, and workshops in different European countries. Asmus studied philosophy, German Studies, and composition in Berlin and London. He was a Visiting Scholar in New York and Pennsylvania and held fellowships at numerous art houses and residences. Moreover, he gained work experience in the public field.

Assistant / International Voice

Emily Frank

Emily grew up in Texas and studied sociology at New York University. She then worked as a Legal Advocate at the Urban Justice Center in New York. While obtaining her Master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Emily served as a research assistant on several projects. Her graduate research focused on poverty and migration. As a Project Assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, she communicates complex research in a clear manner to public audiences.

Assistant / Organization of the Exhibition 

Ralf Köhne

Ralf studied national economy and philosophy. He participated in a research project that was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and that had its focus on the economy of the common good. Currently, he is a research assistant at the Department of Philosophy at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany, where he works on questions of economic growth and sustainability. This research is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the major German organization for funding scientific research.