To cut a long story short, we are a group of people who deem it important to bridge existing gaps between the general public, the sciences, cultural life, and those who have the (political) power to change things. We ourselves bring in experience, know how, creativity, and networks in both academic and public fields.   

The denkwerkstatt grenzenlos is a nonprofit company (in preparation) based in Berlin, Germany. The name of this company might be a stimulating reason to learn German. However, as we are in the process of founding the whole thing, it might be very well the case that the current initiative will finally have a less demanding name. For the time being, you may prefer to speak of Meeting-Sharing-Learning which is the name of the project that we present on this website.      

Once you understand the basic idea of Meeting-Sharing-Learning, you will understand our assumption that the project provides excellent opportunities for other institutions and organizations to present themselves countrywide or even abroad. We are present in the regions and happy to share this with those who identify with our goals and like to support us.

We not only have ideas. We also have the courage to make them come true.